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ICS professional team offers advanced IT services in Austin for small, mid-size, and larger businesses in nearly any industry. Try us out first and enjoy 60 days of risk-free IT services.

Professional Austin IT Services

ICS is a cutting-edge IT services provider in Austin offering cloud solutions, managed IT services, IT infrastructure, cybersecurity services, business telephone systems, IT staffing, and 24/7 help desk.

Are you embracing the right digital technologies to deliver more value to your customers in Austin? If not, the right IT support company can meet all your business needs. Our leading experts help you innovate, streamline, and understand the lifecycle of business technology. We will optimize your day-to-day operations resulting in greater efficiency and improved business process.

56% of executives feel that one of the biggest barriers to enhancing their agility and improving customer experience is a lack of digital leadership to define a clear strategy. The world becomes more digital than ever before. Therefore, customers are looking for a more immersive experience from all sorts of businesses, regardless of type or size.

ICS is Your Reliable IT Services Provider in Austin

ICS as a professional IT services company in Austin can help you realize the right managed IT services are more important than ever before. We leverage the right digital technologies – allowing you to innovate, streamline, and optimize your day-to-day operation for greater efficiency.

When you choose ICS as your IT partner, you’re selecting an organization that perfectly knows how to deploy the best technology solutions. Moreover, you’re choosing a managed services company that understands the technology needs of businesses throughout Austin, Round Rock, and the surrounding areas.

ICS is more than just an IT services provider – we’re also a team of like-minded IT professionals who are passionate about information technology. And not just technology in and of itself – but about how it can transform our client’s business.

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ICS is Your Reliable IT Services Provider in Austin
“Quick Response time, very knowledgeable, friendly customer service & they get the job done!”
Eric C

ICS is a Leader in Austin IT Services

  • IT and Telephone Solutions in Austin since 1981:
    That’s how long we’ve been in this business providing technical support, help desk, and proactive IT solutions in the Austin area.
  • Texas-based Technology Services:
    We never outsource our IT services team. We have a local IT department, desktop support, and IT management team of English-speaking, Texas-based skilled information technology technicians.
  • Fixed Monthly Rate:
    Our managed IT services program covers all your IT services needs: Unlimited Onsite visits, Regular Scheduled Onsite Visits, Unlimited access to the Helpdesk or otherwise known as our IT service desk, After Hours, and Emergency support, Backup, Anti-Malware/Virus Protection, Anti-Spam, Network Security Training, Managed Firewall and more. Everything we work on is included in our true flat monthly support plan.
  • Only the Best Technicians:
    Get an IT services technician working on your issue immediately. Your staff has several options to reach the help desk to ensure you get the service level you need: Regular scheduled onsite visits, open a ticket via our convenient IT Support desktop application, call our service desk, or drop us an email.
  • No-Risk – 60-day free trial:
    Why pay for your IT support before really understanding what you get? ICS offers a FREE 60 Day risk-free trial for all new clients.
  • Scheduled Onsite Visits with Austin IT Support Experts:
    ICS does this whether you have an issue with us or not. The ICS team comes on-site regularly to ensure your IT systems on your network are performing. ICS actively looks for ways to improve your systems as your company grows. Our regularly scheduled onsite visits help us support you on a pro-active basis.
  • Quarterly Business Review Meetings:
    As your company grows, it’s critical to keep you informed on how your corporate network is running. Review access and security solutions. We structure solutions to help facilitate plans for new growth and projects. Keeping equipment up to date. Verify the business is in compliance (if applicable). All too often, this gets ignored, and then it’s a major task to rectify issues with the network.
  • Point Of Contact:
    ICS offers more than just a single point of contact. You get access to a team of knowledge base professionals that help with computer support, troubleshooting, user support, business needs assessments, IT operations, problem management, antivirus support, remote monitoring, mission-critical IT support, and more. You have a team of information technology services experts committed to keeping you up-and-running.
“ICS is always very helpful when I call to place a service ticket or with general questions. Desiree is very pleasant & very responsive. Everyone at ICS has always been very good to me. I would definitely recommend ICS to other businesses!”
Veronica Smith
“Chris Hudson with ICS was a huge help in solving the issue with our server. He was able to troubleshoot and locate the problem and get it corrected so that we could get back to working asap! Great customer service and clear communication skills as well.”
Tara Warne
Exceed Customer Expectations With The Right IT Services Company

How Does the Right IT Services Company Help You Manage Your Customer Expectations?

As technology continues to evolve, organizations around the world are adapting. In fact, 88% of companies are working towards digital transformation right now. ICS’s consulting services and complete end-to-end managed IT services offerings can be game-changing for your business in Austin. We assist you in the deployment of digital transformation technologies such as Microsoft cloud technologies, business VoIP services, video conferencing solutions, and video surveillance systems.

Why call ICS now to assist with all your business IT service needs? Because failing to adapt means significant setbacks in terms of customer retention, growth, and profitability.

Contact ICS if you’re looking for Proactive Managed IT Services, IT Support, Cyber Security Services, Disaster Recovery, IT Infrastructure Services, and Cloud Services in Austin & Surrounding Areas.

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Local Experts to Offer Top-Quality IT Services in Austin

Our team of IT services professionals in Austin offers you a range of technology services designed to help you operate efficiently while minimizing downtime, avoiding security threats, and more. This includes:

Technologies like the cloud, VoIP business phones, mobile devices, and all sorts of innovative tools are necessary to help us stay relevant and serve customers the way they want to be served. It is essential to have an information technology partner helping you stay ahead of technology to better meet the evolving demands of customer expectations. You need to ensure the right network security protocols are in place.

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“We are a brand new client of ICS and so far our experience has been nothing short of “stellar”. Support tickets entered are responded to immediately and their support staff is knowledgeable and efficient. If you are looking for a partnering company in Austin to handle your entire IT Network, then look no further than ICS!”
Felix Ware, President
Capitol Scientific, Inc.

Get Started with a 60-Day, Risk-Free Trial with our Austin IT Services

We offer managed IT services for large to small organizations throughout Austin, Round Rock, and surrounding areas at a flat-rate monthly fee. You can get started now with a 60-day, risk-free trial. If you’re not 100% satisfied with our services, you’re able to cancel your contract – no questions asked. ICS works hard to earn the trust of each and every business we work alongside.

Call (512) 253-4135 Now to Get Started with the Top Austin IT Services Company.

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Strategic IT Services & IT Outsourcing

Aside from a multitude of IT services to choose from, we offer what modern businesses need most from a technology partner: guidance. We know information technology, business telephones, cybersecurity, and more…inside and out. We’ve been around since 1981 to understand what hardware, software, and other equipment is needed to achieve:

  • Greater IT management of all resources
  • Better, more immersive customer experiences
  • Higher quality data that leads to better decision making
  • Easier collaboration across all individuals and/or departments
  • Long term growth and strategic IT planning
  • Greater agility to respond to market and/or consumer demands

Our team takes pride in our ability to help businesses within a range of industries stay current in terms of the latest tools, processes, and cybersecurity threats out there.

ICS is your IT services team in Austin. We’ll help with network services, infrastructure and operations, data storage, cloud infrastructure, high availability IT systems, technology infrastructure, emerging technologies, local and wide area networks, cloud solutions, data center infrastructure, IT solutions, wireless network management, security and intelligence, server infrastructure, server and storage solutions and a whole lot more.

Time for a new technology services company in Austin? Get second-to-none service-level and service-delivery and get ready to optimize the growth of your business with ICS. Technology solutions, IT outsourcing, end-user support and start leveraging the latest in technology solutions from a complete IT department focus on proactive managed services, end-to-end user support services, and more.

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Strategic IT Services & IT Outsourcing
“I have been nothing more than impressed every time I’ve dealt with ICS, there friendly knowledgeable and always seem to meet my deadlines no matter how demanding they are. Seriously what other company can move an entire company’s infrastructure in 24 hours Without any hiccups. I have used there IT services for a little over a year and a half now to handle all my IT infrastructure servers, routers, switches and all I can say is I highly recommend them for any of your IT needs.”
Green Bean

3019 Alvine DeVane
Suite #200
Austin, TX 78741

Phone: (512) 253-4135

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the Benefits of Managed IT Services?

Managed IT allows Austin companies to utilize technology in a way that helps improve a business in a number of ways. The “how” really depends on the industry. For law firms, it helps secure and maintain client records. For CPAs and financial firms, balanced books and reduced margins of errors. For small to Mid-sized businesses, fostering client relationships, and ensuring smooth transactions. Above all, the benefits depend on your industry! Reach out and we can talk about the ways it can help your business.

What IT Services Do You Offer in Austin?

Here at ICS, we pride ourselves on two things: our expertise and our service. That’s why we provide a range of IT solutions. The best way to get a feel of what we offer is to check out our website. But here is a quick overview of what we can do for you: Managed IT Services, Cloud Hosting & Management, Network Security, Telephony, Data Cabling.

How Much Do MSP Services Cost in Austin?

Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to this. Every business is different and requires different technology solutions. As a result, prices can vary. There are, however, six popular IT Managed Services pricing models that you can review as a starting point. Either way, the best solution is to talk with prospective MSPs and compare them.

Do Your IT Services Help Companies in My Industry?

The answer: most likely. ICS offers our services to a range of companies in several different industries. Our specialties include: – Small and Medium-Sized Businesses – Golf Courses and Country Club – Associations and Communities – Law Firms and Law Offices – Accountings and CPA Practices – And More! You can read more about which industries we specialize in here.

Get Started with a 60-Day, Risk-Free Trial with our IT Services

We offer managed IT services for large to small organizations at a flat-rate monthly fee. You can get started now with a 60-day, risk-free trial. If you’re not 100% satisfied with our services, you’re able to cancel your contract – no questions asked. ICS works hard to earn the trust of each and every business we work alongside.
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